We are locals helping locals. We understand how Australians do business – and better yet, we are in the same timezone!

If the everyday mundane tasks holding you back from focusing your time and talents on your business’ growth, that’s where we come in. We provide quality and affordable administrative support for busy professionals and business owners.

We have years of Administration, Personal Assistant, and Executive Assistant experience. We are your go-to Virtual Assistant in Sydney (& far beyond), we value your passion for your small business, we are great with deadlines, professionalism, and treat your projects like they are our very own.

Not many small business owners are in a position to hire a full or part-time employee, this can often result in drowning by admin, extremely late nights and caffeine overdose. Strategy, branding, and procedures can become overwhelming when all you want to do is focus on your product, so let us do that for you. With Hey VA, we can lift off where you left off and get you home in time for dinner.

Our focus and passion is helping new businesses navigate their way through start-up. I’m harnessing about 13 years of industry experience to enlighten, empower and elevate your business and help you make your mark. We then offer administration, design, social management, bookkeeping services and much more as an ongoing service to keep you chuggin’ along smoothly!

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    Maddi Irving

    Director & Digital Business Manager


I’m Maddi. I’m an experienced administration manager and a tireless seeker of knowledge. I’m here to use what I’ve learned in my years orbiting the admin & design world, to drastically lighten your load or perhaps just give you a hand.

I have not garnered any wide acclaim… but I have worked with Business Directors, Senior Execs, and some of the top Real Estate Agents in the country. Most of them award-winning. So that’s pretty cool.

I’ve been working in admin, marketing and management since ye olde 2008. Craving more – on my terms – I ventured into the business world and said buh-bye to the man and built my Virtual Assistant & Digital Business Management business.

My family and I live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and being married to an electrician who owns his own business, I know just how much work goes into each and every decision. I’m passionate about making your life easier by taking a few of those decisions off your hands.

I’m also a mum of two and obsessed with spending time with them and my husband in my free time.