Crafting Calm in the Digital Space:
    P1 Pilates

    Project Overview:

    Lucy Pero, infused with an infectious enthusiasm for Pilates, had a dream to make it accessible far and wide. She reached out to us, eager to turn this dream into a vibrant reality. Consequently, we faced an inspiring challenge: to craft a welcoming, easy-to-use online Pilates platform. This space would not only embody the essence of Lucy’s teachings but also offer a variety of membership options tailored to everyone’s unique needs.

    Project Goals and Challenges:

    Right from the start, our aim was ambitious yet clear. Our mission? To create a website where anyone could easily jump into a Pilates session, no matter their location or the device in hand. However, dreams like these often come with their set of obstacles. Delving into the depths of technology, we selected the perfect tools for seamless operation. Furthermore, to extend a warm welcome to Pilates enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, we introduced a handy feature for automatic currency conversion, ensuring prices were displayed in the local currency of each user.

    Solution and Implementation:

    Initially, Lucy’s branding hadn’t yet been finalised, however, by collaborating closely with Lucy and her incredibly talented designer friend, the vision for the brand began to crystallise. Together, they chose a soothing colour palette of soft blues, greens, and lavenders, aiming to envelop visitors in an atmosphere of calm and trust—perfectly reflecting Lucy’s beautiful personality & serene teaching style.

    We started on this project not just as consultants but as active creators. We designed and built a digital sanctuary for Lucy’s Pilates videos that was as inviting as it was straightforward. By integrating WordPress and MemberPress, we developed a site rich with choice, organising the vast collection of videos by style and difficulty. This greatly simplified users’ quests for the perfect workout.

    Lessons Learned:

    One of the most significant lessons learned was the undeniable importance of clear communication from the outset. By meticulously laying out all the details from day one and maintaining an ongoing dialogue, we ensured the project moved forward smoothly and efficiently towards its successful completion.


    Although we’re yet to tally up the numbers or collect feedback, launching the P1 Pilates platform is undeniably a success story worth celebrating. It is a testament to the power of collaboration between our team and Lucy Pero. Beyond achieving our initial goals, we’ve established a robust digital foundation upon which Lucy’s business is set to soar.


    Feeling inspired by Lucy’s story? If you’re ready to give your online presence a makeover or maybe craft something entirely new from the ground up, we’re here, ready and waiting. Get in touch now, and let’s explore how we can elevate your business to new heights online.

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