A Service-Based Businesses Guide to Email Marketing

A Service-Based Businesses guide to Email Marketing

11 tips to help your business grow using Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Service Based Business

onsWhat does it take to be successful in the service-based world? You need excellent service, of course, but you also need a strong email marketing campaign. Here are some tips for getting started with an email marketing strategy that will help your business grow and thrive!

  1. Start by building a list of contacts. This can be done through your website, or by gathering email addresses from customers who have purchased products or services from you in the past.
  2. Another way to build your contact list is to have Facebook Pixel installed into your website, this allows Facebook to speak to your website and collect user data. You are able to then create ads targeted specifically for these warm leads (people who have visited your site but not enquired yet), and convert these leads to contacts or even better – paying customers!
  3. Once you have a good list of contacts, create content that is relevant to them and their interests. Make sure to send out regular emails (at least once a month), and keep your content fresh and engaging.
  4. Make use of images and videos to capture your readers’ attention, and consider using different types of content (such as surveys, contests, or discounts) to keep things interesting.
  5. Track the success of your campaign by measuring open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to tweak your email strategy and improve results, but donât be afraid to try something completely new either.
  6. Once you have an email marketing campaign up and running, it is time to start thinking about other ways to promote your business online. Consider blogging on a regular basis, creating social media profiles, and investing in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will help drive more traffic to your website by making sure that Google knows exactly what keywords relate to your service-based business. Then the Facebook Pixel cycle begins again!
  7. Add value to each email you send – Whether you have plumbing, accounting, electrical or other home services business, nobody knows the ins and outs of the trade like you do. Educate your readers on the basics by providing useful information they can actually use and then deliver that content to your customers’ inboxes. Alternatively, you can also offer tips and best practices exclusively through your blogs and link them in your EDM, driving traffic to your website.
    The point is not always to drive sales with every email but to maintain awareness of your brand. That way, when the lights go out or that drain gets clogged, your business is the first one a customer thinks of to call.
  8. Catchy subject lines – Your subject line and to some extent your preview headers (“preheaders”) will determine whether subscribers open your email or not. You want the capture their attention, get curious enough for them reach read more! Here are a few tips on how: Avoid spam triggers like using words like “free”, multiple exclamation points or dollar signs in an attempt at being funny. Be direct by asking questions instead of telling people what you’re selling.This increases urgency which often leads someone clicking forward without actually opening that particular message/opening up any attachments if there is no deadline attached. Make it about THEM with statements such “Are _____ making YOU Feel____? We Can Help!”
  9. Build trust with a sharp & modern design – The email isn’t just about the content, it’s also what you put in front of your customers. When they open an inbox from Company X or Y – are those thoughts running through their head? Is this person thinking that we’re professional and experienced enough to be trustworthy with our offer(s)? If so then great work because trust takes time!
  10. Figure out the best time to send your emails – The best days and times to send emails really depends on your audience. It’s important to test, see what works for you in the long run! Some recommend targeting right after lunch or Saturdays as they tend to convert at a higher rate than other times of day. You’ll have an idea once you start testing yourself out – so don’t be afraid; use google if needed 🙂
  11. Review & Optimise – If you want to know whether your email campaign was successful, the first thing that should come into question is how many people clicked on and opened it. But if we’re talking about success in driving calls or bookings without any action taken consider whether or not the newsletter drove more sales for your business?

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