How To Increase Your Sales With Personalised Content

Everywhere you look these days, there is content trying to grab your attention. Have a think about how many ads or marketing campaigns you have already seen today. And more importantly, the content that you’ve actually engaged with. In most cases, you’ve engaged and interacted with that content because you have a personal interest in it. As a business owner, it is important you understand personalisation and how you can increase your sales with personalised content.

Types of personalised content

There are many different ways you can make your content stand out effectively with a personalisation strategy. We are here to explain how you can do this through three specific channels. Your email marketing platform, social media advertising and your website.

1. Personalised emails

One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is to start sending personalised emails. This can be as simple as using an email subscriber’s first name in the subject line, or giving the subscriber the option to choose what type of email marketing they would like to receive. For example, an eCommerce jewellery store may let customers choose whether they would like to receive emails about silver jewellery or gold jewellery. Or even both if that is what they prefer.

You can take personalised emails a step further by filtering customers into separate categories using tags and segments based on their purchasing behaviour. For example, if a customer has purchased baby clothing from you, you may continue to send them products for babies and children. This tailors the content to their needs and keeps them engaged

2. Social media retargeting ads 

When used correctly, social media retargeting ads can be a powerful form of advertising to implement as they allow you to reconnect with your website users on a personal level. If a user was browsing a pair of pants from your website, an ad can be shown to them 24 hours later reminding them of that product. If the user had that product in their cart, ad content can be served up with a specific offer such as free shipping to encourage them to complete their check out.

Personalised retargeting ads increase the chance a user will click on the ad, revisit your website and make that purchase.

3. Website personalisation 

When it comes to website personalisation, the possibilities are endless. Through the use of AI (artificial intelligence) your website is able to learn from visitor behaviour and serve up different content to accommodate individual interests. For example, you may own an online store selling furniture where one user browsed office desks and the other browsed lounges. When these users return to your website, different landing pages can be delivered to them showing these specific categories. Think of it like your Netflix home page. A personalised experience based on past behaviours.

These unique, enhanced experiences encourage users to stay on your website for longer, build brand trust and increase sales.

Setting up a personalised content strategy

If you’re ready to show your customers you understand and want to connect with them, get in touch with Hey V.A today. We are ready to assist you with a personalised content strategy that nurtures your leads, builds brand loyalty and increases sales.